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This site is about getting back to life after disaster or tragedy. Whether your personal circumstances are one of life's tragedies or one of nature's own disasters perhaps you'll find the words here strengthening.

Of course your immediate thoughts will be for the safety and wellbeing of your loved ones, family and friends. This is something some people lose, others are fortunate to keep the special people in their life.

God calls at different times. Life will be tough for a while but it is absolutely necessary you pick yourself up and get back to rebuilding your life.

It may be tough but unfortunately life can be that way sometimes. However it cannot take away your soul and strength inside unless you let it.

Start rebuilding your life. There may be many things out of your control such as how long you must wait for the necessary help or money you may need.

Get as much help as necessary. Don't try to do it all on your own. Chase people up when they don't keep their promises or get back to you. Sometimes it's the only way.

Starting On The Road Back

Once you know that shelter, food and water are taken care of at least temporarily one of your major worries is taken care of.

Nobody wants to live in temporary shelter or stay over at relatives for months and for some this is the hardest part. They just want to get back to life even when they've lost so much.

Kids in particular may get impatient. They may miss their friends or their hobbies as may you.

People experience disasters in all parts of the world. Some areas are of course more prone to certain kinds of disasters such as volcanic eruptions, hurricanes and earthquakes. However there are natural threats in every corner of the world.

When you think of all the things you want to get back to you'll probably be a little impatient too. You'll think of going to a nice restaurant in Arizona or your private dance lessons in London or golf clubs in West Virginia.

You'll miss listening to your records and might be worried about how you're going to build your collection again. These might seem like small things, but it's human nature to want these things. When we don't have the things we enjoy we get bored and enter a state of ennui.

This is the worst part for many. They get so bored not being able to live a normal life.